The 2009-2010 ATSI Board of Directors

ATSI held their annual election at the 2009 Convention.  Donna West was re-elected to the board and is joined by Maryann Wetmore.

As previously determined, Larry Goldenberg is the new president and Mike Fultz is president elect.

The 2009-2010 ATSI board consists of:

Larry Goldenberg (President)
Mike Fultz  (President Elect)
Douglas Gregg
Allan Fromm
Brian Gilmore
Wil Porter
John Robinson  
Donna West
Beth Cooper  
Marla Duncan
Gordon Mott
Jonathon Pierce
Stacy Polinsky
Maryann Wetmore
Sharon Campbell
Dennis O’Hara (Immediate Past President) 
Charlene Glorieux (Executive Vice President)