The State of ATA: The Future of the Industry, presented by Tim Searcy

At the 2008 ATA Convention and Expo, ATA CEO, Tim Searcy gave “The State of ATA” address, entitled “The Future of the Industry.”  The ATA started 25 years ago with eight members and has grown to 517 corporate members, representing two million agents, working in thousands of call centers.  Tim reviewed the association’s quarter century of existence, with the work of past members to make the association into what it is today — and preparing it for the future.  This includes responding to the DNC regulations, developing the ATA PAC (Political Action Committee), launching the ATA-SRO (Self Regulatory Organization), and Call Centers Care, ATA’s new philanthropic initiative.

The ATA PAC is quickly growing the amount of its funds and the scope of its reach, poised to become a major PAC player, able to wield influence and gain access.

On the ATA-SRO front, the first auditors’ class was completed, graduating several certified auditors, four of which were in attendance.  Also, the first call center has been certified will soon be announced.  More auditor classes are scheduled for 2009 and many call centers are preparing for the audit process.

Lastly, instead of continuing the tradition of touring a call center to conclude the convention, the Call Center Cares initiative will send buses of volunteer attendees to work on a Habitat for Humanity house in San Antonio.

With these initiatives gaining momentum and moving forward, Tim Searcy is bullish about the future of the teleservices industry.

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