Verint Enhances Impact 360 Enterprise WFM Solution

Verint Systems Inc. announced enhancements to its Impact 360 Enterprise workforce management (WFM) software, which helps manage people, processes, and workflow. Many organizations underestimate the inter-departmental impact back-office functions have on customer service and satisfaction. With the latest enhancements to Verint’s WFM solution, customers have access to workflow process mapping capabilities that help companies optimize their staffing requirements.

Work performed across back-office departments can be much more complex than those found in traditional contact centers. One of the challenges many organizations face is the inability to visualize the flow of complex work queues, modeling the time and effort required at each step in the queues and synchronizing the entire process to optimize staffing requirements. If not forecasted accurately, then staffing and scheduling problems will result in missed goals, customer dissatisfaction, adverse business and legal consequences, and unnecessary labor costs.

To address these challenges, Verint’s, fully browser-enabled, Impact 360 Enterprise WFM solution models back-office operations and then produces optimized employee schedules.

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