Video-View Streamlines Call Center Agent Hiring

Execuserve Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Compliance Systems Corporation, recently introduced Video-View, an online solution to prescreening job candidates.  Video-View is a proprietary self-interviewing tool that allows candidates to answer pre-determined interview questions online using a webcam.  The candidate’s responses are recorded and immediately uploaded to Execuserve’s secure video servers for the hiring manager’s review.  After candidates have completed their Video-View interviews, employers can review their videos at any time from the Video-View site.

Recently targeted at the call center industry, Video-View will enable agent applicants to engage in a quick three to five minute interview onsite at the time of their application.  The resulting recorded interviews allow the call center hiring manager to quickly screen through dozens of applicants and measure them for among other things, their enthusiasm and interest level in the opportunity.  Screening out candidates allows the hiring manager to focus their time on their other duties rather than on interviewing candidates who are unqualified for the job.

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