Call Centers Cut Costs Using New Voice Recording Solution

The new voice recording solution commonly used in Europe documents and processes communication between agents and customers helps case management personnel evaluate customer complaints in a timely and efficient way. The technology was first introduced at UPC Broadband customer service desks. By using the WIOVoice product, agent efficiency can be monitored and evaluated at any given time resulting in significantly reduced case management costs.

The new technology was deployed network-wide at the UPC Broadband branch offices for providing high-level data security in walk-in customer service. “The state-of-the-art system will monitor and evaluate agent efficiency by documenting the communication between the agent and the customer at the customer service desk,” said Istvan Bata, managing director of the software developer, DSR Partner.

WIOVoice product features provide real time observation of agent-customer interactions, encrypted voice data storage, and play back functions. It allows the administrator to follow and analyze agent-customer conversation. Users can call into the conversation or apply the recorded material for training purposes. Voice data can also be automatically transferred and archived in a written format. Conversations are traceable by word detection, date, or other search parameters.