Amtelco’s Intelligent Series Version 4.1 Released

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When you have IS, you can always say yes!

The best thing about business challenges happens when your clients ask you to meet their needs, and you can say, “Yes, we can do that!”

Call centers using the advancement in Amtelco’s Intelligent Series (IS) Version 4.1 scripting capabilities, along with Web and mobile developments, can expand income opportunities

Service Complicated Accounts: A common challenge facing call centers is clients with complicated accounts and high expectations. Many of them involve on-call scheduling, complicated dispatching requirements, secure and interactive communication with clients, and customers demanding Web and mobile access to data.

IS provides fully integrated on-call scheduling that can be linked with scripts, contact-based directories with status-driven contact methods that can be linked with scripts, the ability to transmit messages to clients securely via Amtelco’s miSecureMessages smartphone app or secure email, and a powerful Web and mobile interface for clients to directly access all of their applications and data.

The Web and mobile interface can be used to allow clients to keep their own on-call schedules up-to-date, update their contact-based status, look up and send messages to fellow employees, view their messages, listen to their call recordings, and run reports, all without requiring them to call and speak to an agent.

Eliminate Errors: Call centers are constantly striving to reduce costly errors. IS scripting provides easily customized agent scripts to guide agents through collecting the necessary data and dispatching calls accurately based on client preferences. All actions can be preprogrammed to deliver communications based on individual contact methods, statuses, and schedules.

IS Reporting: Call centers committed to providing clients with top-notch service and accurate reporting data to ensure fair and accurate billing can use IS reporting, which makes it easy to keep track of calls from beginning to end.

Custom reports are easy to create or can be chosen from hundreds of templates. Reports can be scheduled to run any time, at predetermined frequencies. Call histories can be emailed to clients. Call center clients appreciate knowing exactly where their communications expenses are going. “Not once have I ever told someone that I can’t do that, because I actually can,” said Carolyn Sonnefeld, telecommunications system coordinator at Mercy Medical Center.

“I have very few strictly order-taking clients and, even so, I wouldn’t want to revert back to not having IS. In fact, it would be a nightmare without it. For those clients that have form Web pages, we endeavor to utilize IS to push the data to the Web forms so that we also have a copy of what was submitted.

IS would be perfect for order entry, but is extremely powerful for transferring inbound and outbound messages. I’d look at it as a company-wide decision for advancement, not just to fulfill this niche,” added Gerald R. Brosseau, II, president of Always On Call Answering Service, LLC.

IS 4.1 includes hundreds of enhancements. Some of the improvements include a completely redesigned IS Web interface with interactive conversation-oriented messaging.

IS Now Available on Smart Devices: The new IS Mobile app for Apple devices provides mobile access to IS. Users can review and update their status, view and send messages, access directory information, see on-call schedules, and request changes to on-call schedules. With IS mobile, users are able to contact other users via a range of methods, including email, phone, miSecureMessages, SMS text messaging, pager, fax, and Vocera Badge (a wearable hands-free, voice-controlled communication device) text messaging.

IS Voice Services: The new soft switch-based IS voice services platform provides new IS-based call behaviors such as IS smart paging and IS smart check-in.

Redesigned IS Reporting: The IS reporting feature has a newly redesigned user interface in IS supervisor to make IS reporting more intuitive and easier to use.

IS Faxing: The IS faxing feature uses fax contact methods to fax messages from Intelligent messaging scripts and the IS directory.

IS Secure Two-Way Email: IS inbound email provides settings for receiving inbound email messages from an email server. Multiple email addresses can be assigned to each IS client account. The IS secure email feature provides settings for sending and receiving secure encrypted email messages.

Customers Play a Huge Role: IS 4.1 is the culmination of a major software development effort that included multiple software developers, technical writers, quality assurance engineers, field engineers, trainers, project managers, and most importantly Amtelco’s group of beta test sites. “Amtelco greatly appreciates the valuable input we have received from our customers that has gone into making this one of the most innovative and important software releases Amtelco has issued,” said Kevin Beale, Amtelco vice president for software, research, and development.

For more information about Amtelco, call 800-356-9148; for information about Telescan, a division of Amtelco, call 800-770-7662 or contact your salesperson. Access your IS Directory on your iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

[From Connection Magazine Mar/Apr 2014]

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