Amtelco and Telescan Announce Merger Agreement

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Two major teleservices vendors, Amtelco and Telescan, announced a merger agreement on December 20, 2012. The announcement was made simultaneously by Roger Young, president of Telescan, Tom Curtin, president of Amtelco, and Joe Everly, CEO of Amtelco, at Telescan in St. Louis, Missouri.

“The merger of Telescan with Amtelco provides a big boost to both companies and their customers,” said Roger Young. “It gives Telescan and our Spectrum System users access to Amtelco development resources, innovations, and products.”

Tom Curtin said, “Amtelco and Telescan have been innovators for over thirty-five years. Together, the companies will offer the TAS industry a unique breadth and depth of technology and service to meet their call center business needs. Telescan’s development team and loyal customer base will be a welcome addition to the Amtelco family.”

Amtelco’s Infinity Intelligent Series continues to add revenue-producing features and services for businesses to easily accommodate their clients’ evolving needs. At the same time, the Intelligent Series provides an extremely reliable uptime that enables companies to meet their business growth goals.

Founded in 1976 by Bill Curtin, Amtelco quickly became a trusted name in the telecommunications industry and introduced the first telephone switching systems. Amtelco’s three major divisions – TAS call center, 1Call healthcare, and XDS digital switching – are all backed by a strong service and support department.

George Meyer founded Telescan in 1976, and Roger Young became president in 2002. Telescan’s telemessaging operating system, Spectrum, first introduced in 1990, has always been on the leading edge of call center innovations, helping business owners reduce operating expenses and increase profits.

The Spectrum messaging system – powered by Spectrum Prism® – offers telemessaging businesses a full range of messaging solutions.

The merger will not affect the daily operations of either company. Telescan will become a division of Amtelco and continue to operate in St. Louis; Amtelco will remain headquartered in McFarland, Wisconsin. Amtelco looks forward to working with TUNe (Telecommunication Users Network) and NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Users) to encourage the sharing of ideas, mutual support, and product development.

More Amtelco News

Avaya Certification: In December 2012, Amtelco’s Intelligent Soft Agent 4.0 solution successfully completed Avaya DevConnect Compliance Testing with Avaya Inc.’s Aura® Contact Center #6.2 and Avaya Communication Server 1000 #7.5.

Amtelco developed Intelligent Soft Agent to interface with software-based switching systems, and it has been in the field for more than two years. Amtelco’s soft agent also interfaces with switches provided by Asterisk, Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens.

There are many features and benefits to soft switching. Amtelco’s soft agent is switch-independent and utilizes the same Intelligent Series family of applications such as IS scripting, IS OnCall, IS Web, IS appointment taking, and IS contact-based architecture. This switch-independent trend gives call center owners much more flexibility in selecting switching platforms and opens up the opportunity to connect directly to client PBXs and ACDs.

Cloud-Based Applications

miVirtualServers provides revenue-generating features on the cloud, offering many benefits, including the reduction of IT complexity and costs, lower power and cooling costs, access to Amtelco’s 24/7 support, high reliability, and unlimited server capacity. Some of the Amtelco features now available on the Amtelco cloud through miVirtualServers include Infinity Intelligent Series, Web OnCall, eVoiceLink, printer capture, Unity Voice Logger, and MDR.

miSecureMessages is a smartphone paging and messaging application built for Android, Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), and BlackBerry devices. Replacing or supplementing paging technology, miSecureMessages enables two-way instant communications using the power of your miSecureMessages App (no text or SMS package needed) to reply and organize your communications.

Business Continuity: The Infinity backup service is a Microsoft Windows service that automatically makes a copy of the Infinity system database to a storage location. The backup file allows for recovering the Infinity system in the event of a service outage or other event. The Infinity backup service eliminates the need for the cassette tape drive in the Infinity server as well as the need to keep track of those tapes.

Amtelco’s New Website: Amtelco has completely redesigned the call center division’s website, The changes make it a much more helpful source of articles, newsletters, new product releases, demos, and call center solutions. Users can quickly find what they need in the site-wide search and features list (

For more information about Amtelco, call 800-356-9148; for information about Telescan, a division of Amtelco, call 800-770-7662 or contact your salesperson.

[From Connection Magazine Jan/Feb 2013]

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