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Amtelco’s mission is to provide the best communication product solutions, backed by the best support. Listening closely to the needs of their customers provides the inspiration for Amtelco’s solutions.

Amtelco’s success can be attributed to a number of things. For more than twenty-five years, Amtelco has been “on call,” developing reliable systems and applications and fully committed to exceptional customer support. This dedication is evident in the average length of service by the Amtelco employees.

Thirty-seven percent of the more than one hundred employees have more than fifteen years of experience, and 17 percent have more than twenty years of experience at Amtelco. In nine of Amtelco’s eleven departments, the average length of service is eleven or more years, and three departments have an average length of service of almost twenty years.

Intelligent Series Version 4.2: The concept behind Intelligent Series (IS) is providing features to meet every scenario their customers encounter. This gives customers the power and flexibility necessary to meet all their clients’ needs and maximize their profits. Here are some highlights:

Automated Dispatching: IS MergeComm adds automated dispatching scenarios to Amtelco’s Intelligent Series platform. MergeComm dispatch scenarios can run automatically based a number of situations. These include an inbound trigger, such as an email, scheduled to run on a recurring basis or initiated by a call center agent, a Web user running a Web script, or a third party application.

IS Scripts can have a MergeComm branch that includes all of the functions to perform on an automated basis upon receipt of the inbound trigger. Scripts that require agent interaction can be set to create a dispatch job to present to an agent.

HTML Formatted Messages: Messages created using Amtelco’s Intelligent Series scripting can be specially formatted for delivery via email and fax using an embedded HTML editor within the IS script editor. HTML formatting provides a more professional email and fax for clients.

IS System Scripts: The IS system scripts reduce the need for repetitive script editing for clients that share the same requirements.

IS Scheduled Email and Fax: Schedule a fax or email to send multiple messages based on filter settings specified in the scheduled job. This allows sending a summary fax or email for all messages taken over a previous time period, such as sending all messages taken the previous day.

IS Mobile: IS mobile extends the functionality of Amtelco’s IS Web to Apple users. IS mobile is an iOS app that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iTouch devices.

MiSecureMessages Version 6.4: New features have been added in response to user feedback, including:

Add Attachments: Users can include attachments including audio, photos, video, and PDF files when sending messages to each other.

Enhanced Contact Information: Users can update and enhance their contact information, including contact image, contact phone number, and the ability to call from miSecureMessages.

Color Scheme Selection: Users can enhance their miSecureMessages interface by selecting a color scheme for their app and setting a different color per account.

Message Notifications: Background notifications can alert a user when a message they sent was delivered or read.

Enhanced Event Notifications: The system can send emails for the following events: device registered, user lockout, database size warning, and archive size warning.

MiSecureMessages Certified Partner Program: This program now includes more than a hundred partners.

Amtelco works with call center partners to help market miSecureMessages (MSM) to their clients. For MSM-certified partners, Amtelco provides marketing materials, including a new movie, a marketing call script, a case study full of marketing tips, brochure text ideas, and an email template.

MSM-certified partners also are featured on the new MSM website at miSecureMessages.com.

Five-Star Service: Amtelco’s five-star service includes the online TechHelper and resource library. By building one of the largest research and development departments and field engineering departments in the industry, Amtelco provides customers with greater expertise and guidance on planning and building the latest technology into their call centers.

Spectrum Dialer: Amtelco and Telescan jointly developed Amtelco’s Spectrum Dialer, a platform-independent product incorporating softswitch technology. Spectrum Dialer is a fully featured SIP-based dialer that performs automated services such as appointment reminder calls and mass notifications. It is specifically designed for contact centers wishing to serve multiple clients on a shared platform.

For more information, go to callcenter.amtelco.com or email info@amtelco.com.

[From Connection Magazine – May/June 2015]

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