Call Centers Are Helping the Economy to Rebound

By Robin Vaughn

The teleservices outsourcing industry is having a significant impact on the current economic recovery. Call centers are providing more and more companies with cost-effective solutions that streamline and improve communications. Business organizations from various industry segments are saving time and money by choosing this route.

Utilizing a call center helps the economy by putting a positive chain reaction in motion. Engaging telephone receptionists is an increasingly viable option for companies seeking to conserve valuable resources. They can reduce operations costs in two distinct ways by outsourcing telephone experts who can field after hours or overflow call volumes and eliminating the need for a costly in-house phone system. This way, the sales staff can better target core responsibilities and facilitate increased profit. Companies that generate higher profit margins increase tax revenues that boost the economy. The fiscal upswing is more likely to repeat as it takes on momentum.

Busy call centers are job creators. By hiring from a local demographic, they reduce the unemployment rate. Their focus enables them to recruit, screen, and expertly train telephone agents to provide exceptional customer care for business owners who don’t have the time to coordinate such efforts. Exceptional phone care management results in repeat clients and referrals. The cycle then continues: Business expansion demands greater administrative support to match and propel the local economy forward.

No company can afford communications downtime, especially in a rebounding economy when a reputation for reliability must be earned. Call centers provide relief services that keep businesses and government agencies operational during emergencies and natural disasters. They offer essential services under a variety of extraordinary circumstances, from technical messes to electrical failures, in order to maintain critical client contact 24/7/365. A sophisticated network that includes a backup power supply and redundancy system gives public institutions and private practices the assurance of total accessibility, and this in turn upgrades the economic forecast with the ability to be highly competitive.

Government agency managers, corporate CEOs, and start-up entrepreneurs want to reach out to a wider demographic, and they can do so with extended telephone hours and bilingual live operators. Outsourcing provides the chance to expand beyond traditional markets with dependable, capable assistance.

A call center offers vital communications support to help organizations grow, while rebuilding economy in the process.

Robin Vaughn has written on a wide range of topics for the teleservices industry and has extensive experience developing instructional materials for enrichment education. For more information, contact Robert Porter, president/CEO, at 212-868-1121 or

[From Connection Magazine Jan/Feb 2014]