Call Control through Call Scripting

Consistency of the caller experience is a key, but often illusive, component of call center quality. In the past, call centers focused on extensive agent training, ongoing call monitoring, and regular employee evaluations as a means to enforce consistency from one call to the next and one agent to another. Unfortunately, all too often, these efforts fell short of the desired goal, leaving both agents and management frustrated and anxious.

However, when the call flow can be programmed, or scripted, for the agent, this lofty ambition of consistency is much easier to achieve and maintain. In essence, if the call control can be embedded into the call processing system, consistency is the welcome byproduct.  Pre-planning a call via scripting will not negate the need for agent training, monitoring, and evaluation, but it will make those efforts simultaneously more effective and less needful.

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[From Connection Magazine November 2005]

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