Simon Says: Check Your Equipment

By  Elaine Senecal; Illustration by Chris Lewis

Simon Says - July 2013

We can all agree the call center representative’s offensive remark was inappropriate. We all know how we would handle that situation, but for now, let’s put that aside.

Let’s think about this; how often should we test even the smallest piece of equipment we use daily in our call centers? More importantly, have we taken time to train our representatives how our equipment works and how it may fail?

Do our representatives know the importance of the tools they use daily? Do they understand that how these tools are used to generate revenue? Do they know how their individual performance affects their paycheck?

How do your keep their motivation consistent? Training!

You know that carpenters need saws, hammers, and other equipment to build a house. In comparison, we cannot perform effectively  if we don’t train our representatives on the proper use of the tools.

Make a list of all the equipment and applications your representatives use daily.

  • List the use for each, keeping in mind the effect it has on their performance.
  • List potential misuses of equipment, how equipment could fail, and the consequences as performance directly affects call center revenue.
  • Now, use that information to train your representatives!

As leaders, we often attend to representatives’ interactions with customers but we sometimes forget just how important proper training and equipment can be. Proper training is the key to consistent motivation.

[From Connection MagazineJul/Aug 2003]

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