Vendor Profile: Alston Tascom Inc.

This is Alston Tascom’s opportunity to toot their own horn, letting their clients speak for them.

“Longevity, honesty, and fairness are what come to mind when doing business with Alston Tascom. For more than thirty years, Alston Tascom has been ‘the wind beneath our wings.’ Tascom’s open system design and the willingness of the Tascom staff to help are unsurpassed. It seems like the Tascom staff is part of our own staff.” -Peter Gross, Sunshine Communication Services

“The Alston Tascom team helps me keep my customers happy and keep them ongoing customers, which keeps me happy. Along those lines, I’d like to thank Wayne and Joanne. In November 1994 Wayne stood before the Tascom Users Group and announced that he and Joanne were buying the Alston division from Mark IV. The Scaggs took a terrific financial risk against long odds. Not only had product development ground to a standstill but competitors were lining up to pick up the abandoned customers. And while some Tascom users couldn’t wait around to see what would happen, many remained loyal to the Tascom product. We were rewarded with a steady flow of modern products and revenue-enhancing features. We were given an open platform so we could use off-the-shelf programs and applications in conjunction with our Tascom.

“I remember being told by a competing vendor (and I’m paraphrasing here), ‘We can make our system do anything the Tascom system does. You just have to tell us what it does, pay us to develop the application, then we can sell you that application as an add-on when you buy a system from us.’ I am happy I did not change vendors. Congratulations, Wayne and Joanne, and Happy Twentieth Anniversary, Alston Tascom. We’d be lost without you.” -Brad Farber, A-B Communications Inc.

“When I think of Wayne Scaggs, two words come to mind: intuitive listener. The results of his listening ear generate more words: innovative thinker and problem solver. I have had the privilege of knowing Wayne for over twenty-five years. I believe he has been a pioneer in the telecommunication industry. With his skills and brain trust, he’s put together not only an extraordinary piece of technology, but also a staff of highly qualified and professional engineers. In an age where there are choices worldwide, it’s easy to depend and rely upon Tascom’s skilled staff.

“I have always counted on Wayne’s knowledge of specialized equipment, especially with the many changes that have taken place in our field of work. There have been many knocks on my door and countless phone calls asking me to consider another product and the chance to bring in new advances. However, there hasn’t been a need to pursue other avenues. Tascom has been able to keep the leading edge, if not attempting to move forward and beyond what is already available. I know I can depend on Tascom to not just meet our needs but to excel beyond what our requirements and expectations are and fulfill our requests to provide better service to our customers.” -Craig N. Darrow, Anser-Fone, Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alston Tascom for the twenty-six years of service you have provided A Courteous Communications. We have grown with you throughout the years from a small, six-position answering service to a forty-position call center. In addition to our digital switch, you have provided us with hosted positions to accommodate our continued growth. Your technicians have been available to us around the clock and have gone above and beyond their scope of service to help us troubleshoot our many demands. Alston Tascom has assisted our business to provide our services around the globe. You have never told us we couldn’t reach any goal we set for ourselves. I look forward to our continued collaboration and prosperity.” -Doris L. Primicerio, president, A Courteous Communications

“We just went through our end-of-the-day checkout, and things are still running very smoothly! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this over the past few weeks. No way could we have had such a smooth transition if it wasn’t for all your hours of work on this.” -Kevin Bachelder, Ansaphone Service, Inc.

“Let me also echo Kevin’s appreciation. My stress level was peaking, but things went much smoother than I anticipated. I am looking forward to removing a lot of copper wire so that I will not have to go into the equipment room anymore!

“I thank you all for your effort, your patience, and your persistence in getting this done. After much delay and great anticipation, it all came together. I am going on vacation next week, and I will rest a lot easier knowing that we are moving on from the DCS, which is certainly tired. Thanks to Wayne for seeing the ‘future’ and encouraging us to go there.” -Betty J. Porter, president, Ansaphone Service, Inc.

“Trust is a big part of our decision-making process when it comes to vendor selection. On that note, there are certain people like Wayne Scaggs and his team that we have come to know over the years who help to make these decisions much easier. With our new ADAM switch in operation, our future is much brighter. Thank you, Tascom!” -Michael Shooster, co-CEO, Global Response Corporation

“We are delighted with Alston Tascom and the solutions they have provided. Wayne Scaggs has been a wealth of knowledge and service for over twenty-five years. He has helped our service grow, he continually meets our needs as they arise, and he is extremely professional in every aspect regarding customer service.” -Joanne Chipponeri, executive director, Stanislaus Medical Society

“We have known Wayne Scaggs and Alston Tascom for almost twenty years. I say ‘know’ as opposed to just being a client of Wayne’s, because we actually do know both Wayne and his company. Wayne is a man of high integrity and unlimited ethics. He has striven for continual self-improvement both personally and professionally and has invited anyone who knows him along for the journey. He doesn’t just look at a piece of a situation or issue that affects him; instead he looks at the entire picture and considers a multitude of possibilities for whatever he is involved in to the benefit of all concerned. His generosity of spirit is well known, and we are fortunate to be considered as his friends. He makes everyone around him feel that anything they have to contribute in any way is valued, which is a rare gift.

“As for Alston Tascom, Wayne’s high values and standards have created a company that is filled with like-minded individuals. Alston Tascom is on the cutting edge at all times, and we have the comfort of knowing that any issues we may have with our system will be handled quickly and thoroughly with pleasant technicians who are always patient and willing to explain everything in a way that we can understand.

“As a call center that handles emergency calls, we cannot be shut down for even an hour. Alston made sure our recent move was seamless and successful. A technician, Julio, came out to help us with the move. He had everything ready, and with his assistance, we managed to move all the equipment – our customers never even realized that we were answering from a new location! We wouldn’t consider trusting anyone other than Wayne Scaggs and Alston Tascom to keep our business running.” -Marilyn Bellmann, owner/president, Buzz Connects

“I have worked with Alston Tascom for approximately five years, enjoying the luxury of not owning premise-based equipment. After more than twenty-five years of having an in-house system, I believe the future very well may be in the cloud. While it might not work for every service of every size and complexity, it has been a pleasure to be in contact with someone who understands the complete system, including the telephony.

“I think Alston Tascom is the perfect vehicle to minimize capital outlay and grow an answering service from the ground up to 350 customers. Beyond that, time will tell. The one thing I do know is that the owners Wayne and Joanne Scaggs will tell me the truth – albeit sometimes not what I want to hear.” -Dave Williams, Aspire Answering Service

“I can’t begin to say enough about Alston Tascom. I have been in business since 1980 and have never been happier and more secure with the equipment, service, and awesome technical support they provide should you ever have a problem, a question, or just want to try a different approach for a complicated account. Tascom is one of the few companies that goes above and beyond.” -Verna Tompkins, ABC Communications

“Wayne Scaggs is an exceptional person when it comes to helping me with my business. I started in 2006 with no clients and have grown to where we are today, and we continue to grow with the help of Wayne and his amazing team. I went with Alston Tascom’s hosted system after talking to Wayne and Joanne. They were very knowledgeable and helped me to create my templates and message tickets, and we can call them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and receive help. Wayne is an upfront and honest man. I would recommend him and his team to anyone who is looking to switch their system – you won’t regret it.” -Lori Borrelli, Golden Touch Answering Service

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[From Connection Magazine May/Jun 2014]