Ask Kathy: Handling the Premature Objection

By Kathy Sisk

Dear Kathy, how do I handle “I’m not interested” before I get to the purpose of my call?

Answer: If your prospect interrupts your presentation before you get to the purpose of your call, it may be because: 1) It’s the quickest way to get rid of you; 2) they say “no” to everything; or 3) they don’t want to be sold anything.

When you are faced with this early resistance, then the “Easy Close” is ideal; it will help identify what type of prospect you are dealing with, giving you an opportunity to try to regain control.

First, say the three most important words: “I respect that.” This statement diffuses the situation; your prospect’s guard comes down. Then say, “I would like to provide you with information about (use an “approach-and-hook” statement to arouse interest); would that be all right with you.”

Do not elevate the sound of your voice at the end of this sentence. That makes it a question; it reinforces that your prospect, not you, is in control of the conversation, and you will get more negative responses. Instead, drop the end of your last word and make it a statement, making it more assumptive. This increases the chance of getting a positive response.

When your prospect agrees, qualify whether he or she truly has an interest in the information or are trying to gracefully exit the conversation. Say, “Once you’ve had the opportunity to review the information, I would like to get your feedback. Does that sound fair enough.” Again, end this “question” with a period to make it an assumptive statement. Then set up a day and time to make your follow up call so it becomes a stronger call back.

If you do not want to send anything, you can try to continue your presentation. “To ensure that the information I have will benefit you, I need to (pause) ask you just a couple of quick questions, if you don’t mind.” Again, make an assumptive statement.

Now proceed to your probing step: qualify your prospect, establish his or her wants, and create the need. You are back in control. This won’t work all the time, but it will help you to get past the premature objection.

Kathy Sisk is founder and president of Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc., located in California. Kathy is a trainer and consultant, contributing thirty-five years of expertise to the telemarketing, sales, and customer service industries. She is a published author with many manuals and books, including Overcoming Objections and Successful Telemarketing. Email your questions to

[From Connection Magazine April 2013]

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