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Call center hardware and software doesn’t have to be installed at your call center. Several vendors offer services and software on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. These are accessible via the Internet and go by various names: hosted software, ASP (application software provider) software, software on-demand, and software as a service (SaaS). Hosted solutions do not need to be purchased, installed, maintained, or upgraded at your call center, but instead are handled by the provider at their location. The following vendors provide various hosted solutions to call centers:

Alston Tascom, Inc

TAS system Hosting: The Evolution System is a communications and data system that includes a comprehensive contact center and messaging solution. In addition to live agent answer, callers can be sent directly to voicemail or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications. The system consists of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with skills- and rules-based routing, fax, alpha and digital paging, email, and optional agent recording.

Appointment Hosting: Both clients and agents can simultaneously set, modify, cancel, and confirm appointments in a highly customized environment. Combined with the Tascom Evolution server, Web appointments can automatically pop to the client’s specific appointment calendar from an in-bound phone call to an account in the Tascom agent program.

IVR Hosting: The IVR is a robust, intelligent messaging and interactive response platform.

Alert Notification Hosting: Automates any manual notification process.


CMI Diamond: A Web-based solution that can add contact management services to any call center, regardless of the platform. CMI can be used within the call center to manage client contacts, or it can be pushed out to clients, allowing a call center to host contact management services for others.

Appointment Taking: Amtelco’s Web-based appointment taking integrates with most existing contact management systems to provide seamless access to all of the information stored in a contact management database. This simplifies common agent actions while scheduling appointments.

Disaster Recovery: Hosted disaster recovery solutions allow Amtelco customers to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, whether it’s building, power, telephone carrier, or weather related.  Hosted disaster recovery provides a backup system that is always ready and available in another geographical area.

Call Center Systems: The Infinity Intelligent Series system, with its integral ACD, voice processing, SQL server database, and VoIP capabilities, is ideally suited for collocation.  Agents can connect via the Internet from the call center location, remote offices, or work-at-home environments; supervisors can remote monitor the system and run reports.

Pro Show Appointment Reminder: Pro Show is a Web-based appointment reminder solution that can be used to host appointment reminder services for call center clients regardless of the platform.  Pro Show can receive appointment information from call center clients’ appointment scheduling systems and can generate automated reminder calls to patients.

RED Alert: RED Alert can be used to provide clients with mass notifications via phone, SMS, pager, and email. In addition, RED Alert can be used to send event notifications and event reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as for one-time special events.

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Professional Teledata

PInnacle: PInnacle Freedom includes both software licensing and the use of military-grade hardware, hosted in Manchester, New Hampshire. Agents take calls and access the system from any high-speed Internet connection 24/7 using the PInnacle scripting software. Pinnacle Freedom features built-in disaster recovery and the flexibility to easily adjust to business fluctuations.

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[From Connection Magazine June 2009]

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