Where in the World is President Goldenberg?

By Beth Cooper

ATSI and President Larry Goldenberg have been busy in 2009, and we are looking forward to an even busier 2010. ATSI continues to reach out to the teleservices community, providing education, motivation, and networking opportunities. When asked what he’s been doing as president this year, Larry Goldenberg responded, “One of the privileges of being ATSI president is presenting an update on ATSI programs and services at all of the regional affiliate and user group meetings, as well as at CAM-X (our ‘sister’ organization north of the border) events and groups.

“It is a tough travel schedule, but it’s a great opportunity to see people I know, meet new people, and bring the ATSI message to members and potential members. The fall schedule included visits to the TUNe user group in St Louis, WSTA (West Coast) in Las Vegas, ASTAA (East Coast) in Philadelphia, GLTSA (Midwest) in Indianapolis, STA (the South) in Chattanooga, as well as CAM-X in British Columbia. I know it’s tough, but someone has to do it.”

Mixed into that schedule was his trip to Washington, DC, to participate in a “Hill Walk” in conjunction with our extremely important initiative to voice our concerns to our elected representatives and the FCC on the negative impact of charging answering services for FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund) fees based in the number of telephone numbers we “own.” He reports that our professional lobbyist, Dave Wenhold, aided by members Brian Gilmore and Darlene Campbell, conducted an all-day training program on the issues as well as the ins and outs of meeting with important congressional staff members. The following day, fifteen ATSI members descended on Capital Hill to participate in fifty meetings with congressional staff people. “We were very well received – it was a very successful program,” he concluded, reminding us all that this is not a one-day operation, but rather an ongoing communication program.

Where will our president be in the future? He still has four additional user group meetings to visit, and he will find his way to our national convention in San Diego in May.

In addition to meeting President Goldenberg, what else can you expect at the national convention in May 11-14 at the Westin in the Gaslamp District of San Diego? Would you like to learn about “branding” from Mr. Karl Speak? His interactive session will educate even those of us who think we have branding mastered. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Internal brand building: engaging everyone in building a strong brand
  • What every executive team needs to know about brand, and why it matters to the consistent growth of their organization
  • What it takes to improve the brand-building competency of your organization
  • Using the power of positive perceptions to create lasting differentiation with customers and prospects
  • Personal branding: an innovative sales training technique to sell more to existing customers

In the immediate future, you can find President Goldenberg at the 2010 ATSI Owners Forum on January 11-13 at the Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas. The focus this year is on people and strategy. After the opening working reception and dinner on January 11, participants will get to work on January 12 with Tyler Hayden, who will:

1) Focus on teaching teamwork to call center owners

2) Help call center owners to build trust and respect in the workplace

3) Teach team-building strategies that owners can take back to their office

On January 13, the momentum will continue with Patrick Thean, who will:

1) Develop strategies for what was learned on January 12

2) Teach Rockefeller-style execution

3) Focus on a one-page strategic plan

Finally, President Goldenberg has been building excitement about the ATSI 24/7 Certified Agent of the Year program. Nominees for the 2010 Award are due December 10, 2009.

Beth Cooper is director of operations at Answer Quick, a call center located in eastern Tennessee. Beth serves on the ATSI board as the SNUG-appointed board representative, chairing the Industry Accreditation/Certification Committee.  She is a frequent speaker at industry events on agent training, disaster preparedness, and certification.

[From Connection Magazine December 2009]

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