Software as a Service Vendors

Call center software doesn’t necessarily need to be installed at the call center. Several vendors offer software on a subscription, or pay-as-you-go basis. This software is generally accessible via the Internet and goes by various names: ASP (application software provider) software, hosted software, software on-demand, and most recently, software as a service (SaaS). With SaaS, software does not need to be purchased, installed, maintained, or upgraded at the call center, but is done by the provider at their location.

Software as a Service is an ideal option:

  •  if it will not need to be used often
  •  for a short-term project
  •  to avoid making a capital purchase
  •  if the needed hardware is not available for an in-house installation

See our current list of SaaS and hosted services providers for the call center and teleservices industry.

[From Connection Magazine June 2006]