A Tribute to Allen Kalik

Allen Kalik died Aug. 14, 2010, at the age of fifty-nine, leaving behind his best friend and life partner, Patricia Kalik, and their children, Lisa and Daniel Kalik. He is survived by his parents, Betty and Larry Kalik; his sister, Millie Kalik; and his nieces and nephews Melanie, Julie, David, Jessica, Zach, Kylie, Josh, Danielle, and Emily.

He was born on Sept. 17, 1950, and grew up in New York City. He graduated from Cornell University in 1972 and went from teacher to ski bum to successful entrepreneur, all while windsurfing around the world, speaking French, and playing acoustic guitar to whoever would listen. Forever passionate in life and in his fight against cancer, he left peacefully with all of his loved ones nearby.    – Published in Union Leader on August 15, 2010

Here are some selected remembrances posted on Allen’s online guest book:

To a best friend of twenty-six years, one of the most talented people I’ve ever known. To a successful entrepreneur who put his faith in me as a business partner and profoundly changed my life! You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.   – Dale Schafer

Allen was a pioneer… twice he helped revolutionize the industry with his introduction of software that changed the face of that industry forever. Personally, he was so kind to me and so willing to share his vast knowledge about the industry and life.   – Gary Pudles

Allen wasn’t just a boss; he was a force. An intense, funny, and caring guy, his spirit overspills his sixty years, and we will all carry a little bit of him with us. – Mike Antognetti

A pioneer, visionary, and great guy who enjoyed his businesses and his life to the fullest. – Scott Lyons

Allen was a truly gifted man who genuinely cared for his fellow man. His intelligence was unsurpassed and his contribution to the growth of the answering service/order entry industries will always be remembered and respected.   – Marcy Hewlett

In an industry replete with smart and sharing people, Allen stood above the rest. He was a brilliant man who transformed the way we all do business. More importantly, he was a kind and sharing person who was always helping others.   – Michael Leibowitz

He will live in our hearts and our equipment and our imaginations as we go about our days. – Donna West

You were a great teacher and you had a great understanding of people. You were a kind and generous man, and you really did make a difference in so many peoples’ lives. If heaven is whatever we could imagine it to be, I can see you windsurfing your way all the way to Paris.   – Michelle Rivet

No industry meeting was ever quite the same without Allen. He had a warmth, a wonderful and heartfelt smile, a great sense of humor, and a humanity that could brighten up a tradeshow room – or any room – like few others.   – Gary Blair

Allen always took the time to speak with everyone; I recall sitting with him outside of a meeting room and knowing that I was learning more from him than I would have if I had entered the session. His sense of sharing was immense.   – Lil Lyle

Allen was a gifted and unique individual that touched anyone… with his wit, grace, and uncanny intelligence.  – Raymond Baggarly

Allen truly did have a zest for life and a passion like no other. Whether it was singing karaoke at a user meeting or brainstorming ways to make systems better, Allen’s passion was always an inspiration to us all.  His enthusiasm was always contagious!   – Phyllis Shaw

Allen was more like a friend than a boss. I loved the great stories that he shared with us all. I will always remember that [he] lived life to its fullest.   – Karen Black

A proud and witty man, with many clever visions.   – Elaine Senecal

Allen was a treasure to us all and a mentor to many of us. A true visionary and certainly one of the most generous people I have had the pleasure of calling a friend. The grace and zest with which he lived his life is a model we should all strive for.  – Judy Wood

Allen was one of the most beautiful people I have even known. We completed our master’s in French at the same time, and I emulated his fervor and creativity. He sang beautifully in French and was often very funny.   – Lauren Osepchuk

Allan was truly a visionary and a trailblazer… he opened the possibility for all of us to dream big dreams.   – Jannemieke Keener

Allen taught me more about business then I could have ever learned in any school and more about life than I could ever learn in a million lifetimes. He was a mentor, a father figure, and a great friend to me.   – Matthew Salvas

Allen hosted me over ten years ago when I was a chaperone to a group of French students. That was the beginning of a long and enriching friendship. We built up a special way of communicating, an odd mixture of English, French, and idioms. He taught me more than any other English speaker I have known, but most of all, he was a genuine friend.
– Céline Barré

I always admired Allen for his business acumen and unique insights that reduced the complex to the comprehensible. I remember his warm smile, zest for life, and the ease with which he shared compelling stories.    Peter Lyle DeHaan

[From Connection Magazine October 2010]

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