Ask Kathy: Types of Objections

By Kathy Sisk

Dear Kathy: Are there common types of objections? How can I address them?

Answer: When you analyze the objections you receive from your prospects, you will find that they typically fit into one of six groups. After each type of objection, I’ve provided an example of the prospect’s expression of that objection, followed by how you should interpret it.

  • Objection 1: Money—“Too much money” or “I don’t have enough money” means there is a misunderstanding or misconception of the cost.
  • Objection 2: Time—“Not now, call back” or “Call me in the spring” indicates there is a condition standing in the way.
  • Objection 3: Information—“Send me information” or “I have to talk it over with my partner” means you need to qualify this; the prospect may lack of information.
  • Objection 4: Competition—“I know someone in the business” or “I like ABC Company” is an opportunity to educate the prospect.
  • Objection 5: Customer Service—“I don’t like salespeople” or “I never do business over the telephone” reveals that the prospect had a bad situation or experience.
  • Objection 6: Silence—or guttural utterances are signs that you’re losing control. You’ll need to break through undetermined barriers. Take control of the situation, and get prospect to open up.

Once you have categorized and interpreted your prospect’s objections, the next step is to narrow down the real issues and begin to overcome the objections. Keep in mind that a correct interpretation enables you to select the most effective objection-handling method.

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Kathy Sisk is founder and president of Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc., located in California. Kathy is a trainer and consultant, contributing thirty-five years of expertise to the telemarketing, sales, and customer service industries. She is a published author with many manuals and books, including Overcoming Objections and Successful Telemarketing.

[From Connection Magazine May 2013]

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