Vendor Profile: OnviSource

Founded in 2004, OnviSource enables companies to cost-effectively optimize, automate, and unify their customer interactions, business transactions, and processes for their contact centers, back offices, and IT organizations through software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions. With a customer base in a wide range of industries, independent analyst Ventana Research has recognized the company as a major contender in enterprise and contact center workforce optimization. Since its inception, OnviSource has experienced consistent growth and profitability, regularly launching innovative solutions.

The company offers the OnviCenter 7™ suite of advanced and highly affordable solutions, including:

  • Telephone answering services, teleservices, emergency and medical services, help desk services, and customer service solutions
  • Call recording, screen capture, and quality assurance
  • Automated, analytics-driven and socially enabled quality and liability management for 100 percent of customer interactions
  • Multi-channel analytics, including speech analytics, desktop, text, and process analytics, as well as social media analytics
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) and customer sentiment
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Workforce management
  • HIPAA/HITECH-compliant secure messaging and content delivery
  • Unification of all customer transaction journey and operational data across multiple organizations, platforms, and sites
  • Integrated social media engagement and management
  • Operation continuity and automated IT

Supporting the Teleservices Industry: OnviSource has an expanded suite of unified and enterprise-wide solutions. It recently announced OnviCom™, integrating an end-to-end IP-PBX, teleservices, and CRM applications with workforce optimization. OnviCom enables multi-channel connectivity, interactions, and transactions via traditional methods such as telephone, email, and text, as well as through social media channels.

The specific strategy for the answering service vertical market is centered on the Web-based, universal OnviCom platform. OnviCom is the next generation of teleservices offerings that has evolved into an all-software, all-inclusive set of solutions. It can support all functions of a telephone answering contact center, including a variety of network interfaces, PBX capabilities, answering service applications, secure messaging, database management, reports, client portals, billing, call recording, screen capture, quality assurance, operator scheduling, and operation continuity.

As with all OnviSource solutions, OnviCom is delivered as software products, cloud services, or outsourcing solutions, all supported through the OnviCare™ customer lifecycle assistance program. OnviCom is anchored by the current release of the OnviCenter 7 product suite.

Collaborative Management: OnviCenter 7 offers OnviLink, a collaborative management solution that allows contact center managers to manage their local or remote agents through real-time collaboration, chat, bulletins, messaging, and document exchange to be virtually present with each agent and significantly improving their performance. OnviLink also provides a unified user interface, single point of security, process automation, and OmniVision management of the entire enterprise.

Multichannel Analytics: OnviSource’s multi-channel analytics solutions provide big-data management and transformation into actionable knowledge from all interaction channels of calls, desktop, emails, chat, messaging, and social media. Through multi-channel analytics, users can automate quality assurance, compliance management, coaching, workflows, and next best actions. Capabilities in predictive and prescriptive analytics offer insightful and enterprise information, followed by the user-defined automated launch of actions.

Secure Messaging: OnviGuard™ is a secure two-way messaging and content delivery solution, maintaining private communication and full privacy of messages with end-to-end message encryption, verification, and data integrity through SSL. It also provides a Web-based secure messaging server accessed by clients only through encrypted passwords and other security measures. It is fully compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, securing and protecting sensitive information for healthcare personnel and their patients.

Client Self-Service: OnviClient™ is a Web-based application that enables telephone answering providers to offer convenient self-service access for customers to easily manage their own account information, calls, and messages. Clients can even update their account information and maintain their own on-call schedules. Billing for self-service functions builds incremental revenue while providing clients with easy, convenient access to their account activities 24/7.

Implementing OnviClient™ saves time and resources as end clients now have the capability of using the Internet to manage their own accounts, retrieve messages, and monitor call recordings on demand, giving the call center a competitive sales advantage.

Operation Continuity: OnviSource’s operation continuity and compliance solutions reduce operation management expenses and IT workload while maintaining operational continuity through a series of automated operation management tools. Several new features include enhanced backup and purging functions to support HIPAA regulations that mandate file archiving for up to ten years.

Customer Lifecycle Assistance Service: A key vendor differentiator is the OnviCare customer lifecycle assistance service, including the advantage program. The advantage program is a special service program assisting new and existing customers faced with complex business issues. The advantage program guides and assists clients with a complete knowledge exchange that helps customers learn and understand the software and easily manage and administer solutions.

In addition, OnviSource helps customers with the challenges of understanding and selecting the right solutions, implementations, deployments, and ROI recognition of their products and solutions. This includes speech analytics and data mining through provisioning of application analysis, ROI analysis, free trials, project planning, customization, pilot programs, and business continuity-assurance measures. The advantage program offers true partnership services, with the objective of making sure that OnviSource’s products successfully and cost-effectively work for their clients.

OnviSource has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through dedicated customer-centric programs managed by a customer relation management (CRM) team consisting of fully empowered executives of the company. OnviSource’s best-of-class customer support has enabled it to maintain high customer satisfaction, resulting in a 95 percent customer retention rate.

Strategic Partnerships: OnviSource continues to develop strategic partnerships that enable it to offer relevant products for today’s evolving enterprise and call center environments. One new solution is a comprehensive and analytics-driven social media management solution, offered as an all-inclusive managed service designed to make the customers’ socially enabled enterprises work for them in customer service, sales, marketing, and branding.

The company also maintains a re-seller program for those companies that desire to be more successful and profitable by adding and re-selling OnviSource solutions to their product portfolio.

Additionally, OnviSource is actively involved in its partnership with the OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) association users group. This alliance continues to strengthen the company’s ability to better serve its TAS customers with their specific needs.


Partners for More Than Twenty-Five Years! “For me, it’s all about the people. The time OnviSource team members take to care and share their knowledge – that’s what makes the difference. I am supported across the board from the executives to my account manager, technical support, and the responsiveness of the OnviSource Equipment Owners Association. In addition consistent improvement in features and product reliability over time has contributed significantly to my longevity in the TAS market,” says Nancy Kotich, executive director, Physicians Answering.

Evolution in the Technology: “OnviSource products have continued to evolve to meet the demands of the market, and we need that. They have introduced us to technology that enables us to run a leaner operation without sacrificing our quality of service. We realize cost savings as a result of improved efficiency and productivity at multiple levels,” adds Steve Kenny, owner, Best Answer.

[From Connection Magazine Jul/Aug 2015]

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