July 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine

The July 2022 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

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CM July 2022

The Agent Attrition Problem Can be Fixed, by Donna Fluss
Reversing agent attrition won’t happen by talking about agent engagement, but it can be solved by fixing the policies that created the problem. . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Is Your Management Style Hurting Your Call Center? by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
If your call center is short-staffed and you can’t find enough qualified employees, shift your focus to the retention side and evaluate your management style. . . read more >>

Vendor Profile on Startel
Learn about Startel and how they seek to balance allocating customer resources today with the development of the solutions they’ll need tomorrow. . . read more >>

Guest Column: Hiring, Training, and Retaining Remote Contact Center Agents, by April Forer, Amtelco
Check out these tips to hire, train, and keep remote agents in your call center or contact center. . . read more >>

It’s Time for a More Agile Contact Center, by Einat Weiss
The agile contact center addresses scheduling flexibility to keep agents happy and engaged amid evolving customer expectations for speed and service. . . read more >>

Increase Personalization in Call Centers by Accessing Relevant Data, by Daniel Fallmann
Innovative companies are well underway in transforming their approaches to customer service and customer experience. . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: Ten Key Elements of Your Next Contact Center CRM Solution, by Cesar Vallejo
Ask these questions when considering vendors, solutions, and options for the right call center platform. . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: Maximizing the Margin: Operational Cost Modeling, by Eric Miller
Convincing the client to outsource is half of the challenge, but selling them on your operation is the second mountain to climb. . . read more >>

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