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Call Center Magazine To Tweet Breaking Call Center News and Information

Mattawan, Michigan – Connections Magazine is now tweeting! Find us at “Our Twitter account is an extension of our newsfeed, podcast, and Facebook pages, providing a Twitter-sized summary of what has been posted on these three resources,” stated Peter Lyle DeHaan, publisher of Connections Magazine.  “Often our tweets are a news headline, followed by the actual URL.”

DeHaan added that “tiny URLs” will not be used in Connections Magazine’s tweets, but instead the actual Web address. This is because many people are rightfully wary of these space-saving shortcuts, since the destination Website is obscured to the user.  “We want our readers to be assured that the link they click on is a safe one,” he added.

In addition to Twitter, Connections Magazine is also on Facebook and has a newsfeed. The newsfeed, podcasts, and Twitter have the option of receiving updates via an RSS feed, as well as email notification.

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