May 2023 Issue of Connections Magazine

The May 2023 Issue of Connections Magazine, covering call centers and the teleservice industry

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CM May 2023

How Conversational AI Can Power Up Your Contact Center, by The SingleComm Team
Conversational AI can help your call center and your business handle queries faster, free agent time, and raise customer satisfaction. . . . read more >>

From the Publisher: Avoid the Covid Excuse in Your Call Center by Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD
Avoid using the covid excuse to justify poor customer service. Instead, accept responsibility for your center’s success and fix the problems. . . . read more >>

Vendor Profile on Amtelco
Learn the latest news and information from the team at Amtelco. . . . read more >>

How Remote Video Calls Can Transform the Customer Experience, by Rama Sreenivasan
The best remote video call technology integrates seamlessly into the call center’s current workflow software. . . . read more >>

AI in Answering Services, by Michael C. McMillan
With AI in answering services, companies can expect higher profits and better compensation for their employees. . . . read more >>

Data Driven, Multi-Channel Contact Centers Elevate the Customer Experience, by Renaud Charvet
Discover how data driven, multi-channel contact centers can elevate the customer experience and increase business effectiveness. . . . read more >>

Do Your Call Center Employees Believe They Receive Adequate Recognition? by Mike Hill
Discover how to know when you are meeting or even exceeding your employees’ desire to be recognized. . . . read more >>

Ten Years Ago: How to Handle a Challenging Customer on Live Chat by Jeff Mason
Live chat is a terrific way to provide customer service, but chat uses different skills than live voice communications. . . . read more >>

Twenty Years Ago: How to Manage More Creatively by Stephen Manallack
Creativity and management make an effective team. Here are some tips to help senior management become more creative. . . . read more >>

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